Local Libraries in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has a lot of local libraries for you to choose from. Depending on the area you live in, some branches may be closer to you. The Pikes Peak Library District has 16 branches all over the springs in areas such as Briargate, North Academy, Cheyenne, Murray, and Cascade. So whether you’re closer to downtown, or live further north, you have options. There are also libraries attached to schools if you attend college locally, The University School of Colorado Springs has a beautiful library, and it’s typically open later for students that are studying. 

Of course, each of these libraries has books you can check out, but some have amazing learning centers that home-schooled children can take advantage of. The 21C location off of Briargate has a learning lab where students can do science experiments with adult supervision. If you need access to a computer, or printer many of these libraries allow access to that as well, a library card is necessary for this, but they’re free and easy to obtain. So wherever you are in the springs, libraries are all around you, so make sure to check out the branch nearest you.