Moving to Colorado Springs

Are you thinking about Moving to Colorado Springs? If so, research is always a good place to start. You need to know what’s important to you. Is it important to live in a certain School District? Do you want to live in the shade of trees? Do you like large lots or do you like close neighbors? Do you want all the amenities that master plan communities offer? Do you want a high walkability score where everything you want is within walking distance?

The chamber has a lot of useful information. I would start here:

There is plenty more information on the web. However, we like to think that you are the best source of what is important to you. A visit, a driving tour, or even a video tour might give you the information needed to figure out where you want to live and establish your new residence. Taking a few minutes to talk to someone who has experience helping relocators and specializes in relocating is very valuable. We can help with that.

Visiting Colorado Springs as a tourist is a little different than visiting as a new potential home. If you are planning a visit and want a “relocating” tour of Colorado Springs, reach out to us. We can easily create a driving tour of Colorado Springs based on your interests.

If visiting Colorado Springs is not an option before moving, we also offer video tours. We have worked with many who have received a taste of Colorado Springs and have even purchased homes through video. Either live or recorded video, we would love the opportunity to connect with you, share what we know and you will see why this is one of the best destinations for relocation.

This all begins by connecting with us. We have multiple ways to connect with us on our website.

Tava Homes Group at RE/MAX Properties

Tava Homes Group at RE/MAX Properties is uniquely capable of helping you relocate to Colorado Springs.

A quick word on work.

Most people have a job lined up before they move. If you have a move date and no job lined up, I recommend jumping on that right away. The Colorado Springs job market is fairly good but finding a job will take time. It can also help to make connections on facebook. There are many small businesses and industries looking for help. Also, checkout these links.

A quick word about schools.

Finding a school can be challenging. There are many good schools in Colorado Springs. You can find a lot of information at and online, however statistics tell only part of the story. Social media and facebook groups likewise provide a biased perspective that might not match what your family is looking for or what they will experience. 

When we were moving to Colorado Springs in 2015, we actually visited some schools. Honestly, everyone puts their best face forward and most people who have kids in a school have a bias towards that school. One of the nice features of schooling in Colorado is school choice. School Choice allows you to live in one school district while your child attends a school in another district. In addition to this, there are a variety of other unique free public charter and private school options in Colorado Springs. Here are some useful links on school choice that also provide other information on schools.

Ready to relocate?

Equipped with information about schools and work, you may know where you might want to live. The housing market here is fast. As of September 2021, the average days on market was 12 days. The rental market is just as fast. Be prepared for that by understanding that you might not be able to buy the first house you put an offer on. We are skilled in navigating this market and will help this go as smoothly as possible. 

The first step in buying is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. We have some amazing resources to help you navigate this. If you need to do credit repair, we can connect you with someone who can help you repair your credit. 

Coloradans love their pets but if you are planning to rent first, pets can be a hindrance. It’s not impossible, but can be very difficult. Of course, the size, breed and number of pets matter so just be prepared. 

Also watch out for rental scams. It’s hard to tell what is a real place of business and what is not. Rental application fees can get pricey(and they are non refundable). When looking for rental properties, there are many options for looking for places to rent. Don’t overlook Airbnb. They do offer some long term rentals, especially for those who are looking to rent before they buy. We can help you save time and money by vetting the rentals before you give them any of your money for an application.

With the many rental resources out there, why would I want a real estate agent to help me? An agent understands the housing market and can help you identify what’s important to you. Also an agent has access to the MLS, which has access to legitimate rental properties and for greater peace of mind when submitting an application.

After you have done your research there is a bunch of work to do. There are plenty of checklist on the web. Checkout They offer several nice checklist like moving with pets, moving with kids, moving with seniors, and moving internationally. Also, if you have chosen a moving company, most of them also provide a nice checklist.

One last point about moving.

Before you leave, take pictures. Lots of them. Take a hike or walk and say goodbye. We moved a lot with our kids. Sometimes across town, sometimes across the state, twice to another state and once across the country. Moving to Colorado Springs has been our last stop. It wasn’t until our later moves that we took stake in saying goodbye properly to where we have lived. Whether it was throwing stones in a lake or building a Cairn on a mountain or drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk. I encourage you to take the time to talk to your kids and your spouse about what they enjoyed, about what they are thankful for, and about what they are going to miss. When moving day comes, things will go fast. Emotions will be running high and maybe running hot. Building a new home starts before moving day and starts with saying goodbye to where you were and dreaming about what can be.