Road Conditions for Colorado Springs

     Colorado Springs is a busy, bustling city! As the population grows, road construction also increases. The winter weather also brings lots of fun adventures, so it’s always a good idea to check the road conditions for Colorado Springs before you hit your morning commute.

Where to find the road conditions for Colorado Springs

     There are a couple of different places you can head to for road conditions. The state of Colorado provides an excellent resource on their COtrip website.  You can click on road conditions, speeds, travel alerts, and roadwork, and the map will tell you what you should expect on your drive, so you can plan accordingly. There is also an extensive network of traffic cameras you can access through the COtrip website.

I25 South Gap construction project

     “The Gap” refers to the stretch of interstate between Monument and Castle Rock. It has been notorious for accidents and slow-downs for several years. The I25 South Gap construction project seeks to alleviate this problem by adding an extra lane to this portion of the highway. Do you have to take The Gap daily or for a trip to Denver? You can find information regarding all that construction HERE. You can even sign up for text alerts regarding The South Gap project by texting I25GAP to 21000. If you need to know about other road construction projects in Colorado, you can access those through the CDOT website.

Winter road conditions for Colorado Springs

     When that first snow storm hits, you’ll want to know what the roads are like. Local new stations and several local Facebook groups are terrific resources for current road conditions. In severe weather, it’s best to stay home when possible. If you must go out, remember these tips:

  • Be sure to check the condition of your tires before that first snowstorm arrives
  • Keep emergency supplies in your car such as blankets, flashlight, ice scraper, food and water
  • Drive slowly and cautiously allowing extra time for stopping and accelerating
  • Increase your following distance to prepare for sudden stops and sliding

     When you know how to find road conditions, whether that be for construction hazards or icy roads, you’ll be prepared for your morning commute or next road trip.