Shopping in Downtown Colorado Springs

Shopping in Downtown Colorado Springs

     When it comes to community, Colorado Springs does not fall short. Supporting small businesses, especially while navigating through the pandemic, is huge and will help those families local to you get through a pretty difficult time. Taking a trip downtown will help you do just that—support local and small businesses while you find unique and fun items to show off to your family and friends. With a small town feel that offers amenities of the large city, you will be sure to love spending a day shopping in Downtown Colorado Springs!

     With shops and restaurants lining the streets, you’ll find clothes, books, shoes, toys, spices, wine, and more! Restaurants also offer a variety of delicious and fun entertainment for a day downtown. If you would rather avoid the crowds, order some food to go and enjoy a picnic in Acacia Park, where you may also find some local vendors set up and other fun entertainment depending on the time of the year.

     Finding downtown is rather easy and there will be multiple ways to get there depending on the direction you are coming from. You will most likely need to pay for parking, so be sure to bring some cash for parking meters or to enter a parking garage. Days and hours for each store vary, so call ahead to make sure your store or restaurant of choice is open.

     If you are truly looking for something special with the lovely character of Colorado Springs, you really can’t go wrong if you visit downtown. This shopping district is sure to offer a day of fun while you find the perfect treasure to bring back home. You’ll take in some fresh air and the beautiful mountain views that Colorado Springs has to offer while supporting those in your community.

We hope you enjoy shopping in Downtown Colorado Springs! What is your favorite part of downtown? We would love to know! Want to learn more about downtown? View the neighborhood page here.