renaissance festival

The Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is held every summer and is a favorite for locals in Colorado Springs. Based on the 16th-century renaissance, this is a fun educational interactive space for all ages. The actors and employees will all be dressed for the occasion and welcome you to join in with them. Located in Larkspur, Colorado, you are invited to reenact the history behind the Renaissance. When it comes to entertainment, the list goes on and on, there are many shows to watch, stores to visit, food to eat, music to hear, along with multiple daring performers. 

As far as shows and plays go, the options range from Acrobratrix, which is a duo of contortions, archery, juggling, and more. Boom Boom Shake, a hypnotizing show of dancing and music. The Angels, the musical of heroines in disguise. The Crimson Pirates, a comedic trio of pirates assured to bring you laughter. The Living fountain, a mesmerizing show of a magical moving fountain. The Washing Well Wenches, a duo of washerwomen, appropriate for all ages but beware of the splash zone. The London Broil, a comedic juggling talent performed in teamwork. Kamikaze Fireflies, the jesters of the renaissance. And the Knights of Noble Cause, jousting on horses competing for the King. 

Live music in the festival consists of the Celtic Legacy, a rock band led by the piper. Garry Siler, the local guitarist. The CRAIC Show, a medieval metal band ready to entertain. And last but certainly not least, The Reelin’ Rogues who combine storytelling and music for bardic tradition. 

renaissance festival

Roaming throughout the festival grounds are performers ready to amaze you, whether it be by swallowing knives or breathing fire, you won’t want to miss it. Of these performers, there is Zilch the Torysteller, ready to twist your tongue through fairy tales. The Amazing Hypnotist, a woman who will make you question everything. Knightwings, a live demonstration of the art of Falconry by a trained professional. The Juggling Geoff Marsh will show you how to juggle just about anything. Dragonfire, stand back and watch this man breathe fire right before your eyes! And of course, Cy the Sword Swallower, aka Sideshow Cy who will swallow any sword he can find. 

Along with the shows, the renaissance festival is a local favorite for the things they sell inside the shops. There are several stores in the area, each selling unique items. Some of them sell clothing like kilts, masks, costumes, and unique accessories while others sell wooden swords, umbrellas and fans, figurines, and clay sculptures, all of which are handmade. The possibilities at the festival are endless, you can get your face painted by local artists, have your hair braided like Rapunzel, and even enjoy a massage. Food is available for purchase throughout the festival grounds, with famous turkey legs, drinks for all ages, and desserts. There are several eateries to choose from while you walk around the kingdom. 

If you want, there are auditions to be a part of the shows and job applications if you want to help put them on or work in one of the stores. Tickets are free for children under 5 and affordable for everyone. Parking is complimentary and throughout the festival, you will have accessible ATMs along with telephones, changing facilities, and a first aid station. 

The Renaissance Festival is a local tradition that everyone loves. If you haven’t already gone, grab friends or family and have a good time in Larkspur. If you are interested in the Colorado Springs area please reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions you may have, or check out our Facebook. We are happy to help!

renaissance festival