5 Must-See Things To Do in Colorado Springs

Living in Colorado Springs is basically living in a vacation hot-spot, surrounded by beautiful mountains and formations, wilderness, and a ton of fun things to do to keep your weekends full of fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Whether you’re driving up America’s Mountain or hiking through the gorgeous rocky formations in the Garden of the Gods, there is plenty to do all around our great city.

Sitting to our west lies America’s favorite mountain, Pikes Peak. Coming in at 14,110 feet, Pikes Peak is known as the highest summit in the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Being one of the 54 fourteeners in Colorado, this is a popular destination for those needing adventure and with beautiful views. Taking a drive along the Pikes Peak Highway takes you along 19 miles of switchbacks and chills as you climb the mountain to the very top. 

If you aren’t wanting to take the drive, you’re in luck as The Manitou and Pikes Peak Railways are back in business as of 2021, allowing you to hop the cog railway for a fun trip up to the top. You could also hike the mountain if you are looking for the grandest adventure. No matter how you get there, be sure to visit the new summit house once you’re atop the mountain and try out the world-famous donuts as you take in the views of Colorado Springs down below. Truly, taking a trip up Pikes Peak is a must if you’re just visiting the area as well as living here.

what is the front range?

Enjoying the outdoors while you’re in Colorado Springs is easy as we are truly surrounded by the best hiking trails and scenery one could ask for. 

The red, rocky formations of the Garden of the Gods can be seen throughout Colorado Springs and are full of hiking and biking trails, gorgeous formations and scenery, history, and fun! The Visitor Center offers exhibits going over the park’s geology, ecology, and cultural history which makes this trip not just fun, but educational as well! Even the kiddos will love visiting the beautiful Garden of the Gods.

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Another true awe inspiring thing to see in the Colorado Springs area is the Cave of the Winds. Book a cave tour and enjoy the scenery, rides and attractions within the park to include The Wind Walker Challenge Course, Bat-a-Pult aerial adventure and more. Although the cave is millions of years old, it was first discovered in 1881 and was thought to be inhabited by the Great Spirit of the Wind by the Jicarilla Apaches. 

Two brothers named George and John Pickett explored the caves that are now known as the Cave of the Winds. You can expect a guided tour to take you and your family anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes as you walk through 15 rooms, ½ mile of concrete walkways, and 196 steps.


4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Given its name, there should be no surprise when you find out our zoo sits on the side of a mountain at 6,714 feet, giving its patrons gorgeous views throughout the zoo while they enjoy the animals, exhibits, restaurants and more.

 Open daily, you have the chance to feed the giraffes and birds, pet the wallabies, get up close and personal with the lions, and even pet chickens and more in the big backyard experience. Spending the day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is NEVER a bore!

Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It’s no secret that Colorado Springs is home to the famous Air Force Academy. Sitting on our north side, you’ll find the air force base and its visitor center is open to the many visitors it receives each year. 

Check out the exhibits that show and teach what a cadet goes through as they go through the academy. Perhaps the most famous part is the Cadet Chapel, which is designated as a National Historic Landmark. Although the chapel is currently closed for repairs, you can see the model of the chapel within the visitor center. 

You can enjoy lunch while you’re visiting the campus as well as hiking as the Visitor Center gives entrance to the nearby Chapel Trail. There is plenty to do while visiting the Air Force Academy and we highly suggest you keep this on the top of your must see list while living in Colorado Springs.


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