art galleries and classes in the springs

Art Galleries and Classes in the Springs

Luckily for our art connoisseurs, there are many art galleries and classes in the Springs to browse through and locations where you can attend classes!

Art Galleries and Classes in the Springs

This is a great first stop, offering an abundance of classes from pottery to painting, the walls here are covered and decorated with local artists and students’ paintings. 

 The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center has an astounding 132,286 square foot campus to explore. Here you can walk through their gallery and check out local artists and be inspired by the talent Colorado Springs has to offer. 

If you’re looking to learn more about fine art, these places may be helpful for you. 

Next, check out I Arted located near downtown Colorado Springs. They do various types of classes here, but the unique thing about this shop is the “painting parties” they offer. You and your friends can paint, draw, and sketch whatever you’d like, all supplies are included and they walk with you step by step through the process of each activity. Canvas painting is their standard method of art, but they also offer wood panels and the occasional window painting.

Painting with a Twist is another local shop you can try, they give you a canvas and a glass of wine, so you must be 21 years of age or older to attend. They offer different types of classes for various amounts of people, some are girls nights, others are date nights, and sometimes they have a paint your pet night. Be sure to check out the nights that fit your preference best. 

Art Galleries and Classes in the Springs: painting with a twist

Pikes Peak Community College has a lot to offer when it comes to classes. You can learn about pottery, jewelry making, drawing, and painting. Registration is required for these classes, so make sure to plan accordingly in the summer, spring, or fall. 

Art galleries and classes in the springs: ppcc