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Auditoriums and Theaters in Colorado Springs

Appreciation for musicians, artists, and acting in Colorado Springs is shown by the theaters and auditoriums that are open to the public most of the year. Colorado Springs Artists take pride in the quality of experiences that they serve through new spaces, service, and connections. If you have a love for live music, theater, orchestra, or any sort of performing arts, Colorado Springs will not let you down!

The Broadmoor World Arena is one of Colorado Springs largest arenas, it holds over 8,000 people. The arena is well-known by locals and has all sorts of activities held here including concerts, conventions, sporting events, and more. Inside the Broadmoor World Arena is restrooms, food, and if you join the Penrose Club you will have VIP access, the best seats, and fine dining at the top of the arena.

the broadmoor world arena

Ent Center for the Arts is a modern event center at UCCS and holds events for all groups, providing room for recitals, plays, music, and more. There are many different auditoriums and rooms and they also have a snack bar you can visit before entering the show and tickets usually have to be purchased in advance.

The Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts is a concert auditorium located in downtown Colorado Springs just by the Pioneer Museum. If you are a part of the Penrose Club at the Broadmoor World Arena, you get the same deals and benefits at both locations. To see what is happening at the Pikes Peak Center you can look at their calendar of events and pick from many different types of experiences for you to enjoy.

pikes peak center for performing arts

The Stargazers Theatre was built in 1969, this unique dome shaped event center is a unique attraction in Colorado Springs for artists and audiences. Enjoy food and drinks, sit back, relax and enjoy live music from artists from all over. Check their upcoming events and reserve a spot for you and a friend, family member, or date night.

Theaters and Auditoriums are all over the Springs, you will definitely enjoy yourself and want to visit again. Definitely have a look at what is going on at each of these theaters to see what you won’t want to miss. If you need any more ideas on where to see live entertainment, reach out to our team on Facebook or email us at [email protected].