biking trails in colorado springs

Biking Trails in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for biking trails in Colorado Springs you won’t be disappointed, the city has built and paved hundreds of trails for cyclists and mountain bikers. Most of the paved trails for cyclists can be accessed even in your neighborhood. The trails for mountain bikers are all around Colorado Springs and are accessible by parking lots at trailheads.

Picture: Cottonwood Creek Trail

Cottonwood Creek Trail

Cottonwood Creek Trail is a paved biking/hiking/running trail that runs along Cottonwood Creek in Colorado Springs. The trail is relatively easy and is roughly 6 miles long. It runs from the eastern suburbs to downtown Colorado Springs. There is no specific place you have to start or end and it is perfect for an afternoon scenic bike ride.

Sand Creek Trail

Sand Creek Trail is a paved path following a nearby creek, similar to the Cottonwood Creek Trail because it’s roughly the same in distance and scenery. There are 2 parts to this trail, the north half is paved and 4 miles long and runs behind the stetson hills neighborhood. The south half is not paved but is a 4.3 mile and runs by many ponds where you can stop and enjoy feeding the nearby ducks. 

biking trails in colorado springs: cottonwood creek trail

Picture: Rock Island Trail

Rock Island Trail

Rock Island Trail is near central Colorado Springs, it is a mix of dirt and concrete and is around 6 miles long. It goes uphill heading east so if you want a challenge, start on the west side, and if you’re going to cruise we recommend starting on the east side. It runs from N Nevada Ave to N Powers Blvd and you can access the trail anywhere. 

Shooks Run Trail

The Shooks Run Trail is a paved path that runs along Shook Run Creek near downtown Colorado Springs. It runs north-south with a slight slope; there are 2 designated parking lots off South Institute St at the south end of the trail. The trail is about 4 miles long and has a mix of concrete and asphalt on the path.  

Rock Island Trail

Picture: Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Sante Fe Regional Trail

The New Santa Fe Regional Trail is 17 miles of gravel running from Monument Colorado to Colorado Springs. The trail runs through the town of Monument, the Air Force Academy, and eventually turns into the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. The Santa Fe Regional Trail follows the Topeka, Atchison, and Santa Fe railroad line, and has incredible views of Pikes Peak. 

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Red Rocks is a city park in Colorado Springs that is biking friendly, with 3 trails ranging in length that are designated for bikers. The park’s hours are from 5am-9pm and there are 2 parking lots inside the park gates. Aside from biking, Red Rocks is a loved space for locals, it has all sorts of outdoor activities and has over 1,000 acres of beauty. 

red rock canyon open space

Picture: Ute Valley Park

Austin Bluffs Open Space

Austin Bluffs Open Space has over 20 miles of mountain biking trails and incredible views of Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountains. Austin Bluffs has over 500 acres in the park and is right next to Pulpit Rock. There is 1 easy trail, 7 intermediate trails, and 3 difficult trails, parking is available in the neighborhoods and the park hours are from 5am-9pm. 

Ute Valley Park

Ute Valley Park has around 8 miles of biking trails and has a combination of fast trails and technical sections. There is a parking lot accessible at 1705 Vindicator Dr near Eagleview Middle School and the park is open every day from 5am-11pm. The park is pet friendly and also perfect for a hike with your family. 

biking trails: ute valley park

Biking in Colorado Springs is a loved sport for locals, with the hundreds of trails accessible to everyone, you will never be bored of biking. Colorado Springs takes pride in the outdoor sports that are practiced here and encourage everyone to join in! If you have any more questions about the trails, reach out to our team at [email protected]. Or if you want to learn more about the Springs check out our Facebook. We are happy to help!