breakfast and brunch in colorado springs

Breakfast and Brunch in Colorado Springs

There are lots of places to get amazing breakfast and brunch in Colorado Springs, anywhere you look downtown there’s a fun new place to try. 

Bon Ton’s Cafe is a favorite for all, they have recipes and dishes that people come from out of state to try! If it’s warm enough, sit with a friend over a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery at its doorstep.

A few blocks away is the Denver Biscuit Company, a very busy and delicious brunch spot. I would recommend making a reservation before going in, especially on a weekend.

The Omelette Parlor is a local favorite for two reasons, their delicious entrees, and their incredible prices. You can get a large, plate sized pancake for $4, and a cup of coffee for $2. 

breakfast and brunch in colorado springs

If you live further north, and don’t want to drive or park downtown, there are still plenty of brunch spots!

The Urban Egg is notorious for their flight of pancakes, try each one of their handcrafted, dessert pancakes, they also have in house specialty juices that are a must try.

Omelets, Etc. is a newer breakfast establishment but they have some amazing dishes that you and your friends will want to try. Their green chili is a house recipe that you can add onto any entree, to give it that extra little kick. If you prefer eggs, the eggs benedict is one of their most sold items, so you can’t go wrong. 

Hopefully these suggestions gave you enough to try for a little while, if you need any more, you can always ask locals their favorite spots, or check out our Facebook!