Colorado Springs Popular Hiking

Colorado Springs is home to the beautiful mountain range and outdoors and is full of hiking trails for everyone to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. Nestled up against the Rockies, people here can enjoy the outdoors at any point in the year as the weather permits. There are trails for those who are just getting into the hiking sport and trails for those who are a bit more seasoned. There are trails for those with smaller children and even areas for pets to enjoy as well! This blog highlights Colorado Springs popular hiking spots, so no matter how much (or little) experience you have when it comes to hiking, we can promise you’ll find a trail here in and around Colorado Springs that is sure to suit you and your family! 

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Colorado springs popular hiking

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is another great option for hiking as there are a variety of trails that also give some beautiful views to the Garden of the Gods Park. Bring the pups as they can also enjoy the two off-leash dog loops in the area. This is also a great area to hike if there happens to be snow present, so you can enjoy the outdoors year-round!

Garden of the Gods Park

Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Park is known for it’s beautiful rocky formations, but did you know hiking is also a prominent thing to do in the area? With over 21 miles of hiking trails here, you can enjoy a self-guided hike or follow along on a guided tour.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Colorado springs popular hiking

Cheyenne Mountain State Park has over 20 miles of hiking and biking trails that offer gorgeous views as well as restrooms, picnicking, and fun for the kids! 

Palmer Park

Palmer Park offers amazing views overlooking our beautiful city. Dogs can enjoy the trails here as well as long as they remain on their leash (unless they are enjoying the dog park!). 

The Manitou Incline and Barr Trail

manitou springs incline

For the more adventurous hiker, The Manitou Incline offers a challenge unlike any other that takes you 2,744 steps up the mountain side. Once you make it to the top, you can enjoy hiking back down along the Barr Trail as heading down the incline is strongly discouraged as the incline is extremely steep! Reservations for this hike are required.

Bear Creek Dog Park and Fountain Creek Park

Bear Creek Dog Park and Fountain Creek Park are great areas for the whole family (including the pups) to enjoy ponds, marshes, trails, views and so much more.

Colorado Springs is perfect for the hiking enthusiast in your family as the weather allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors most of the year, even during the winter months where snow may or may not be present. Do you have a favorite trail you or your family visits more often than others? Tell us about it on our Facebook Page! Happy Hiking!