Colorado Springs Spooky Stories

Colorado Springs Spooky Stories

     October is the official start to spooky season, and if you’re one to seek out some spooky stories, Colorado Springs and the surrounding area has a few haunting and creepy stories up its sleeve.

     Imagine you’re driving on Pikes Peak Highway around dusk, and you see a naked woman crying out for help so you stop to help her, giving her your jacket as she is cold and clammy and in obvious need of warmth. However, in her panicked state, she drops your jacket, turns around and runs away toward the mountain, leaving behind a receipt dated September 21, 1932, from the Glen Cove Gift Shop in the pocket of the jacket that now lies in a heap on the ground. Would you think you just encountered a ghost? 

     According to police records, a man reported this very incident in 1973 and later learned his encounter was not that of a woman in need of help, but that of a ghost known as Desperation Mona, who’s real name is Wynona “Mona” Roberts. Apparently, the site where people have reported her apparition along mile marker 13 on Pikes Peak highway is the site where her car left the roadway in 1932 and plummeted 150 feet down the mountain. She nor her husband died in the accident, but she did pass away three weeks later in the couple’s honeymoon cottage in Manitou Springs. She was believed to have died from a brain hemorrhage, but her husband later confessed to killing her. There have been several reports of Desperation Mona over the years, from people who do not even know the story of poor Mona’s demise. 

     Manitou Springs also has a few ghost legends itself. Perhaps you have heard of The Egg Man, named from a man who used to carry a basket of eggs at a local bar where he eventually committed suicide. People have reported incidents with The Egg Man of Manitou Springs for many years now. Those who have unfortunately experienced The Egg Man have reported a sound that’s similar to a leg or a cane being dragged on the ground along with a strong sulfur smell from this ghost. It’s been said this ghost beats his victims with his cane after following them around. In fact, a gentleman by the name of Gail Bailey ended up in the hospital from injuries thought to have been brought on by the infamous Egg Man back in 1988. 

     Still looking for more spooks? Woodland Park’s Ute Inn has reported glasses being thrown into the air before exploding with no known cause as to why this happens. The Old Homestead house in Colorado Springs also reports furniture randomly rearranging itself in one particular room upstairs. There was also an incident in Simla in the late 1950s, where ranchers spotted bright lights across the lands that interfered with their televisions. One evening, one family lost their memories during an episode of these bright lights and discovered some of their cattle were missing. They later found 10 mutilated cows, arranged in a circle around a tree and sand with no footprints or tire tracks around. 

     Are you creeped out yet? I know we are! Stay safe this spooky season and we hope everyone has a fantastic October!