Colorado Springs Winter and What to Expect​

Colorado Springs Winter and What to Expect

Colorado Springs typically experiences several bouts of winter weather and precipitation throughout the winter months, though we are lucky enough to not have the snow on the ground the whole season! In this blog, we highlight Colorado Springs winter and what to expect for when those blizzards and winter storms hit, it’s wise to be prepared and know what to do should your power go out or a tree has fallen! 

Being weather aware before a winter storm hits is essential. Prepare an emergency plan for you and your family and make sure everyone is aware of it. Create an emergency kit that provides roughly 72 hours of food and water and other supplies (medical, warmth, pet, flashlights, batteries, etc.) you and your family may need in case of power outages and/or you can’t leave your house due to snow or ice accumulation. While you’re creating that home kit, it may also be wise to create a kit to stow away in your car in case you get stranded during inclement weather. Include heavy blankets, food, water, lights, batteries, phone chargers and/or battery banks to help get you through until you can get help or safely back on the roads. If you haven’t already, consider investing in a weather radio so you can receive up to date information on the weather as it’s happening. If you highly suspect a power outage to occur before a storm, you can fill some small plastic containers with water to freeze and place in the fridge to help keep it cooler for longer. Be sure to keep your freezer and fridge doors closed during the power outage to preserve your food as long as possible. If you have gas for your stove, don’t use this to heat your home as it is unsafe and may cause a fire or potential gas leak. Bundle up with lots of blankets and try to keep everyone in a central room, especially where there may be a safe heat source like a fireplace. 

car driving in clorado snow

Preparing a home and care kit and emergency plan is not the only thing you can do to prepare for winter storms. While the weather is nice enough to prepare, take some time to winterize your home by installing storm shutters, doors and windows and making sure your gutters are cleaned out. Check for any roof leaks and make sure your roof is in tip top shape for any potentially large accumulation of snow. If you have a fireplace, hire a chimney sweep to make sure it’s clean and functional should you need to use it in an emergency, while keeping a decent supply of wood in case the electricity does go out. With the use of fireplaces, carbon monoxide detectors should be in working order with fresh batteries. If you have sidewalks around your home, be sure to have rock salt on hand (kitty litter also helps here with traction if necessary). When the temps drop below freezing, be sure to keep your pipes warm and insulated and drip faucets to prevent your pipes from freezing and creating water damage within your home. If you haven’t located your water shut off valve yet, be sure you know where it’s at and how to turn it off should your pipes freeze and burst. 

What do you and your family do to prepare for winter storms? Do you put something special in your emergency kits? Do you occasionally practice your emergency plan? Tell us about it on our Facebook page! We would love to share your tips to help others out there who may be experiencing their first winter here in Colorado Springs.