Colorado Springs Winter Storms

Colorado Springs Winter Storms

     Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned native, you need to pay attention to Colorado Springs winter storms and warnings. A winter storm warning: Colorado means a weather system bringing frigid temperatures along with snow and ice will occur within the next 36 hours making our world a beautiful white snowscape.

Winter storm warning: Colorado driving

     With all the frozen stuff though, comes not so pleasant road conditions. It’s a good idea to bookmark some websites that give you road conditions since we live next to the mountains! Road conditions can deteriorate rapidly, and if you must leave your house, check ahead to make sure you take the safest route possible. Some of the best places to get accurate information on road conditions are:

     While it is strongly recommended you stay home during this weather as much as you can, we know that sometimes isn’t possible. If you must get out, drive slowly, be very aware of your surroundings, and be extra cautious to the potential of black ice. We want everyone to be safe and warm during snow storms.

Winter storm warning accuracy

     While meteorologists do their best to accurately predict the weather, Colorado Springs’ location right next to the Front Range makes for very volatile weather conditions. On some occasions, a predicted storm never shows up, while at other times, we get slammed with a huge surprise snow storm. Knowing this, it’s best to be prepared for anything when you live in Colorado Springs. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Stock up on supplies. This includes a good snow shovel, ice melt, bottled water, shelf-stable food, blankets, and wood for your fireplace.
  • Be ready for a power outage. Have candles and flashlights on hand, power up your electronic devices, and close any rooms that are not in use to save heat.
  • Keep warm safely. Use a wood burning fire place if you have one available. Do not use an oven or stove to heat your house.
  • Stay home unless absolutely necessary.

     During a winter storm warning, Colorado Springs residents need to know how to properly prepare in order to stay safe and warm until the storm passes. We hope these tips on driving in wintry conditions and dealing with a big winter storm will help you prepare before the next storm hits. If you’d like to talk to a local expert, please contact us!