day trip to cañon city

Day Trip to Cañon City

Cañon City is a great place for a warm summer trip whether you want to stay for a day, or for a week, there is plenty to keep you entertained. A day trip to Cañon City is great because it’s just about an hour away from Colorado Springs and there are multiple activities along the Arkansas River, in the Rocky Mountains, and in the history of Cañon City! 

The Royal Gorge Bridge is one of Colorado’s main attractions, located 956 ft above the Arkansas River. The Bridge was built in 1929 to allow people to enjoy the beauty of Colorado, the bridge can hold over 2 million pounds and withstand 125 mph winds. In 2018 the bridge was named “America’s Bridge after surviving the Royal Gorge Fire in 2013. The Royal Gorge Bridge also has activities on either side of the canyon including a zipline, rock climbing tours, the royal rush sky coaster, a theater, a visitor center, and more! 

The Royal Gorge

Running along the Arkansas River is the Royal Gorge Railroad, enjoy this 2-hour train ride while enjoying a meal with the Rocky Mountains right outside your window. The train rides have been around for over 100 years now serving over 250,000 guests per year. The railroad runs directly under the Royal Gorge Bridge and you can see it in their open-air cart. 

The Arkansas River runs directly through Cañon City allowing for some amazing whitewater rafting trips for all levels of experience. The best rafting trips are held by the Raft Masters, skilled guides will take you and your group on the water and make sure you have a good and safe time. The options for trips range from half day, full day, and multi-day/overnight trips, some of the package deals include zip lines, ATVs, and jeep trips which make coming out to Cañon City more than worth it. 

River Rafting around Colorado Springs

One of the most interesting museums you can find in Cañon City is the Prison Museum, it was originally a women’s correctional facility in 1871 and turned into a historic showcase in 1988. General admission is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors (65+), and $8 for children (6-12), their operating hours are currently 10am-6pm daily till October 1. General admission allows a full walkthrough and there are also guided tours along with memberships, and even private paranormal tours.

These are some of the many attractions Cañon City has to offer, it’s a great place to visit and the locals are friendly and welcoming making it a perfect spot to enjoy Colorado. If you have any more questions about what to do in the area, reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. To learn more about Colorado Springs and the areas near it, check out our Facebook to get connected!