Hot Springs Around Colorado Springs

The beautiful outdoors of Colorado are calling your name but it’s a tad too cold for you to venture outside this time of year? Why not look for a hot spring! Pack up those bags for a fun weekend trip with the whole family and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer by lounging in a hot spring to soothe those aches, take the stress away, and have a plain old good time. 

Dakota Hot Springs, located just east of Canon City and roughly 41 minutes from Colorado Springs, offers beautiful views of the Sangre De Christo and Rocky Mountains, camping, and the option to soak in their natural hot spring fed pool. The spring measures a consistent 108 degrees before it flows into the soaking pool, which measures anywhere from 95 to 98 degrees. You can enjoy a nice soak and relax here as there is no sulfur or iron present in the water, so there are no sulfurous odors present. With an average temp of 56 degrees and plenty of sunshine, the park and facilities are open year-round. You can camp here, with options available for tents and RVs, but know beforehand there are no hookups available at the camping site. There is, however, a bathhouse provided on site. Be sure to make your reservations beforehand and check their website for hours regarding open times for the spring fed pool. Please note, there are times where clothing is optional so be aware of that when you decide to visit!

While it is currently undergoing renovations, we still want to talk about our Desert Reef Hot Springs. Located just a few minutes away from the Dakota Hot Springs and roughly 48 minutes away from Colorado Springs, the Desert Reef Hot Springs provides those mountain views everyone dreams of while providing sunshine and fun for the whole family. The water is regulated throughout the year, ranging from 94-96 degrees in the summer and 100-102 degrees in the winter. There are no sulfurous odors at this pool either, so you can enjoy your time soaking in the warm mineral waters during your visit here. There are times when clothing and suits are optional.

Another great option for enjoying hot springs takes you up to the Denver area to the Indian Hot Springs, located about an hour and a half away from Colorado Springs. Here you will enjoy a nice warm soak where the 125-degree water flows into their pools and baths for everyone to enjoy. The pools are kept at an average temp of 90 to 100 degrees. You’ll also find geo-thermal caves here with water temperatures ranging from 108 to 112 degrees. The caves are gender specific and are bathing suit optional. There are also overnight accommodations should you wish to stay as well as a spa to end your day of pampering. 

Are you one to enjoy the hot springs from our beautiful mountains? Where is your favorite place to go around the Colorado Springs area? Tell us about it on our Facebook page, and remember, if you have any questions or concerns, just let us know via messenger. We would love to help you out on any of your relocation needs!

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