Interquest Parkway Recreation

In the northern part of Colorado Springs is a big area full of lots of shops and recreational activities for you and your friends to enjoy, known as Interquest Parkway!

Top Golf, the Summit, Regal Interquest, and Icon Cinema

Somewhat new in the Interquest area is Top Golf, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a definite must, especially during the summer months. You and your friends get a bay and you can play against each other, or go to get in a few swings just for fun. It’s a blast, and they offer food and drinks on site.

Next is The Summit, a giant arcade full of lots of different types of games. You can bowl, play laser tag, or play the arcade games such as Deal or no Deal. You acquire tickets at the end of each game, and you can exchange them for prizes. They also have a restaurant you can eat at offering various types of food if you’re hungry.

If you enjoy going to the movies, Regal Interquest and Icon Cinema are both in the area. and you can catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see.

interquest parkway recreation

Shopping, Food, and Drink

For the shoppers or foodies, this next section is for you. Scheel’s is a huge store that has everything you could ask for from home goods to clothes, even a candy shop. They have a Ferris wheel directly in the middle of the store that you are able to ride on, as well as an aquarium arch full of fish.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the area, depending on your mood, and what you’re craving. 

Cheddar’s is a restaurant that has something for everyone from pasta, pizza, and burgers, to chicken pot pie. Zapato’s is a locally owned Mexican restaurant that has amazing chile verde. 

If you’re a wine connoisseur, Uva Wine Bar may be your place, they offer wine tastings and hundreds of types of wines for you to enjoy.

interquest parkway recreation: cheddars

If you have any further questions about things to do around Interquest, email us at [email protected] or check out our Facebook, we would be happy to assist you as you continue navigating through Colorado Springs.