ivywild school

Ivywild School

The IvyWild School is a local hotspot for anyone who enjoys coffee, food, or alcohol, as the IvyWild provides it all. There are separate businesses attached to the building for easy access to everything. They are open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-10pm and Friday and Saturday, 11am-12pm.

Food and Coffee at Ivywild

The Principal’s Office is their coffee shop, they serve coffee throughout the morning and afternoon but become a bar later at night. They also have food to order at the IvyWild, the kitchen is open every day from 11am-9pm, so make sure to stop in and try their famous burgers or sandwiches.

They conveniently have indoor and outdoor seating, so finding a spot to work, or catching up with a friend won’t be an issue. During the warmer summer months they also have cornhole, and other fun lawn games you can play.

top breweries in colorado springs

Bar and Brewery

The bar opens after 5 pm, so you can sit and enjoy a beer or glass of whiskey at night. The alcohol is made and served on the premises. The Axe and Oak, as well as Bristol Brewing Company, are both in-house breweries to check out and try. 

The Axe and Oak specializes in oak roasted whisky and are known for their infused cocktails and hand-cut ice. You can also enjoy the cigar patio and live music on various weekends, check the website to stay up to date.

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