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Job Market in Colorado Springs

     If moving to Colorado Springs is a major goal for you and your family, seeking a job that provides adequate pay and benefits should be high on your list before you make that big move! With a low unemployment rate of 6.2 % (based off of the latest preliminary data report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), there are many job opportunities in and around the area that are ready to accept new and hard workers to add to the labor force of Colorado Springs!

     It’s not a secret that one of our biggest sources of jobs and careers is based from the military as we have Ft. Carson and Cheyenne Mountain to our west, the U.S. Air Force Academy to our north, Schriever Air Force Base to our East, as well as Peterson Air Force Base with NORAD and the Space Command center. The military brings in a lot of families and retirees that help boost our local economy as well as work in the aerospace, electronic industries, and tourism. The aerospace industry alone has brought in several large tech firms (including, but not limited to, Hewlett-Packard) that employ 10,000 workers alone. 

     Tourism is another big part of our economy here in Colorado Springs, as people all over the world make their way here to see our beautiful mountains and parks. Hotels and restaurants make up a large portion of the job market as people flock in to check out our beautiful city. We also have a large school district, along with higher education opportunities, that allows for quite a few jobs in the education market. As our population continues to grow, our development projects will also increase, bringing in a demand for construction workers for public projects as well as housing developments. 

     According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary in Colorado Springs is approximately $60,988 a year, breaking down to roughly $29.32 per hour. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the area with growth expected as we continue to grow and expand in the upcoming years. Don’t count out the military jobs as there are great opportunities for the civilians in our area to find employment in and around the military installations. 

     Is your company hiring? Tell us about it and get your company out there for newcomers to check out the great opportunities in our area! Send us an email with any job info, or find our post on Facebook and drop a link to the job opportunities in the comments for all to see.