Museums To Check Out in

Colorado Springs

     Visiting museums is a great way to learn about and support the local community as they offer fun and exciting ways to learn about the area’s culture and history. There are many museums in and around the Colorado Springs area, but we have highlighted a few that we recommend you visit whether you’re just visiting on vacation or call Colorado Springs your home!

1: Western Museum of Mining & Industry: The museum has been around since 1970 and features 27 acres of history, working machinery, gold panning stations and more in their 12,200 square foot exhibit hall. You’ll be able to see and learn about the mining industry that helped create Colorado Springs as people moved westward in America’s history. Movies, gold panning, guided tours are all included in your general admission to the museum, so you won’t miss out on a thing once you enter the doors.


2: May National History Museum: This one may be popular with the kiddos as the May Museum is known as the premier bug museum of Colorado Springs! Featuring over 7,000 insects and spiders, you can bet they have any sort of bug you are looking for. Featuring one of the largest private collections of tropical bugs in the world, you won’t want to miss out on this experience. 


3: Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum: This beautiful museum, located close to our fantastic downtown area, is actually the restored 1903 El Paso County Courthouse. This museum is free for anyone to visit and offers exhibits and information regarding Colorado Springs cultural history. No admission or reservations are required upon entry, but it is recommended you RSVP to any programs or events they have upcoming. This is truly a magnificent and beautiful museum to take in while you’re visiting the area. 


4: The Money Museum: With the name of The Money Museum, it’s no secret this museum has exhibits and information over the history and science related to our nation’s money and related items. Featuring three main galleries, visitors can view rarities while learning about the history of our nation through money. Explore The Mini Mint, where you will learn how coins were made in the early 1500s thru the 1800s. Help children learn about the concepts of money in their free classes within The Kids Zone. 


5: The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery: A really fun and unique experience featuring Michael Garman’s sculptures in Magic Town gives visitors the chance to view a mini city scape full of detailed mini-sculptures and magical elements. Featuring over 3,000 square feet of a miniaturized urban neighborhood, visitors can walk through a masterpiece of a collection that first began in 1975 by Michael Garman. Open 7 days a week, the museum is open to everyone to enjoy the art and history offered by the Michael Garman Museum & Gallery.