Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

Should You Move to Colorado Springs?

     Are you asking yourself, “Should I move to Colorado Springs?” If you are getting that inking to make a big move in your life and you have always dreamed of setting up shop in Colorado, Colorado Springs may be the perfect city for you to live your dreams. With the mountains to our west, and the plains to our east—we have the best of both worlds! Full of history and landmarks that never get old to see, you will love waking up every day in Colorado Springs. From amazing weather, to always having something fun to do in the area, to the people—well, we could just go on and on about why you should make Colorado Springs your new home.

     Let’s start by saying that the U.S. News and World Report has ranked Colorado Springs as one of the best places to live in 2020-2021 (currently sitting at #4 on the list: So you may be asking, why Colorado Springs? First, the city is a medium sized city that gives you all the amenities and feel of a large city while giving you that small town feel you crave. The city is loaded with mom and pop businesses and restaurants supported by the locals and if you somehow can’t find what you need, Denver is a short ride away. We also have our own airport, that allows for quick travel should that need or desire ever arise.

     When it comes to housing, we do tend to sit above the national average when it comes to costs, but we are much lower than that of the larger cities surrounding us—so If Colorado is on your must live list—Colorado Spring is a great choice for your pocketbook. In fact—it is not unusual to hear of someone living in Colorado Springs that commutes to Denver daily to save money on their living expenses. It is just smart to live here! We have several options to pick from when it comes to our neighborhoods around the city. Each with their own feel and vibe, you can find a place that will suit you and your family the best. Our school system is also pretty amazing, so you will not have to worry about your children and their education. 

     Talking about smart to live here, have you heard about our gorgeous weather? We tend to lack in the humidity department, so that makes our summertime a bit more bearable. If you are thinking of the snow that falls in the winter, well that doesn’t typically stay around as a lot of people tend to think. We get our fair share of sunshine in this city, which means the snow tends to melt off quickly and life can continue as normal after a day or two.  With all that sunshine also comes fun outdoor activities. We are a healthy city, so you’ll find a lot of people enjoying their time spent outside while hiking, running, biking, and enjoying Colorado Spring’s outdoor crisp and clean air. We have tons of parks and recreational activities that you and your family are sure to find enjoyment in.

     Have we mentioned that there is usually always something to do? With Pikes Peak and the mountains in our backyard, you will get your fill of our beauty each and every time you take a drive. There are festivals for the holidays throughout the year, farmers markets to enjoy downtown, parks for the fur babies and kiddos located all throughout our city, the Air Force Academy, museums galore that take you through our history, national parks such as Garden of the Gods at your fingertips—you’d be crazy not to want to move to Colorado Springs! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let our experts help you find the best neighborhood for you and your family so you can call Colorado Spring your HOME! We welcome you with open arms!