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The Growing Tech Industry in Colorado Springs

The tech industry in Colorado Springs is skyrocketing. There are new technological advancements creating new ideas, that are creating new opportunities, that are providing new jobs for innovative individuals who work well with others and with computers. If you want to get involved in an existing company or work freelance, Colorado Springs is the new hot spot for tech junkies.

Technology has become one of the most important parts of economic growth, the advancement has opened new high-paying jobs, and there has been a 63.5% job growth in this industry in the past few years. In the last seven years, Colorado Springs has grown in tech talent labor by 15% and tech wages increased by 10%. Between 2015 and 2020 employment in high-tech industries climbed by 24.8%, 4,760 jobs compared to the 8.9% nationwide. The metro area of Colorado Springs has one of the fastest-growing high-tech sectors in the country creating a thriving economic impact. 

Given that society as a whole hasn’t completely figured out all there is to know about technology yet, the few who know it are being paid well. The average salary in the Colorado Springs metro area for high-tech industries stands at about $220,000, about 4 times higher than the average salary in the metro area. Along with the pay, Colorado Springs is 7% above the national average for the cost of living making it the most affordable city in Colorado if you are employed in the tech industry. 


tech industry

Colorado Springs is inviting people who are passionate about working in the technology industry, there is a job here for you whether you create it or join it. The sky’s the limit. Entrepreneurs have been thriving here because of the innovation and incentive that creates a thriving environment for technology companies and small businesses alike. There is a friendly community here that allows you to connect quickly and find job opportunities through local events.


If you’re in the search for a new job and have previous experience in tech or want to get started in it, Colorado Springs is the perfect spot for you. There are hundreds of job opportunities as well as creative openings for you to take hold of. If you need any help getting involved in the community please reach out at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to get you started! If you want to learn more about Colorado Springs check out our Facebook.

tech industry