the westside

The Westside

If the great outdoors is one of your favorite parts of Colorado Springs, then you are sure to love living in the Westside neighborhood. Here, you’ll find an abundance of hiking and walking trails along with plenty of local restaurants, beautiful homes, and so many things to do you will never be bored!

Located on the west side of Colorado Springs, you will find this small neighborhood nestled at the base of the mountains. Wildlife and nature can be found anywhere, including deer, bears, and even mountain lions! With hiking and walking trails available in most of the neighborhoods, this is a great place to keep your healthy and active lifestyle going. With gorgeous mountain views, you don’t get a big city vibe while living in the Westside, but rather a smaller community with events, friendly people and neighbors, and quiet living away from the hustle and bustle.

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You’ll find the housing here to be a bit older than the rest of the city which gives you the opportunity to purchase a beautiful home full of history and character. With this, you’ll also notice the trees and plants are abundant as they have had plenty of time to grow, which adds to that pleasant outdoor experience in this area. The pricing of homes around the area varies depending on the exact location you are looking for in the Westside. Land here is not as readily available as this side of town has been established since the beginning of Colorado Springs, but there are a few new developments here and there. As always, any questions regarding housing can be sent to our Facebook page where we can assist you with any and all of your relocation needs!

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When it comes to things to do around the area, the Westside does not fall short. With Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, plenty of museums and so much more, you will truly have your weekends full of fun activities and adventures for quite a while. Dining is also interesting as you won’t find many chain restaurants in the area but rather smaller, local eateries that are popular with the locals and tourists. You’ll enjoy fantastic food, coffee, and adult beverages while supporting your neighborhood by shopping small and keeping those dollars in your community. 

Choosing the Westside as your new home is a great idea and we would love to help you out! We are available to help at any time and would love to help get your journey started on becoming a Colorado Springs resident! Our Facebook page is a great and easy way to contact us should you have any questions on the area or moving in general.