what is the front range?

What Is the Front Range?

If you have just moved to Colorado Springs, we know a few terms may sound new. One of the most common ones you may hear is ‘The Front Range,’ so what is the Front Range? While it is not a secret that the Rocky Mountains are part of our backyard here in Colorado Springs, the Front Range is actually a part of the Southern Rocky Mountains that run north-south between Casper, Wyoming and Pueblo, Colorado, rising almost 10,000 feet above the Great Plains. You may hear this term in the weather as it gives a general geographical reference you should be aware of if you’re living in the area. The term may also apply to the Front Range Urban Corridor, which is the populated area east of the mountains that ranges from Cheyenne, Wyoming down to Pueblo, Colorado. Either way, Colorado Springs sits at the southern end!

A few of the most notable mountains in the range include Longs Peak, Mount Evans, and our very own Pikes Peak. The Royal Gorge and beautiful state parks are also included. This is a popular area to visit as there is plenty to do in the mountains of the Front Range, including hiking, biking, camping, climbing, and even skiing and snowboarding depending on the time of the year. Geologically, you’ll find beautiful formations of sandstone slabs jutting out of the ground, fountains to visit in and around our beautiful mountains, and rich history that show fossils from millions of years ago as our area formed to what we know it as today. 

Pikes Peak

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The Front Range Urban Corridor holds a great percentage of the state’s population. With large cities consisting of Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Pueblo along with their surrounding suburbs, there are an estimated 5 million people living in our portion of the Front Range. The people of the range enjoy moderate weather as the mountain range helps block out some of those severe storms as they march eastward. People also have access to the mountains that offer gorgeous views and fun activities as well as smaller mountain towns that host festivals as well as popular destinations such as The Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The front range is truly a great place to relocate to if you’re looking for a new home for you and your family!


Do you currently live in the Front Range area of Colorado? Do you want to? We would love to help you out in relocating to Colorado Springs to enjoy all the Range has to offer! Please send us a message to our Facebook page if you have any questions regarding relocation. Our experts are always here to help and would love to get you on track to move to our beautiful city and be our new neighbor! What are you waiting for? The Front Range and Colorado Springs is waiting for YOU!