Summer Events in Colorado Springs

There are lots of summer events in Colorado Springs as well as festivals that bring the city together! The major festivals and events are well known all over Colorado and some even bring in people from all over the nation. Overall Colorado Springs is a great place to get together and have fun with locals and have a celebration of life. 

The Colorado Renaissance Festival is located in Larkspur and is held every summer on weekends. Residents from all over Colorado gather to reminisce on the renaissance era with entertainment, food for a king, and handmade merchandise. In to attend the festival, you have to purchase tickets in advance, however, there is free parking and there are ATMs when you arrive and would like to buy a souvenir inside. To learn more about the Renaissance Festival, click here.

renaissance festival

For 40 years Colorado Springs has held an annual hot air balloon lift-off on Labor Day weekend.  Located in Memorial Park, there are all types of entertainment including food, live music, paddleboarding, and you can even book a hot air balloon ride! Bring a blanket and friends to enjoy the city’s biggest park filled with colorful balloons. 

Since 1916, The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has been an annual race to the top of America’s Mountain. Drivers have to travel over 12 miles and the finish line is at 14,115 ft in elevation. If you are more interested in the race you can attend the fan fest to meet the drivers and their cars and support them before they start the race to the clouds.  

Summer Events in Colorado Springs: Hill climb race

The Pikes Peak Marathon starts at the base of Pikes Peak in Manitou Springs which leads participants 26 miles up to the summit and back down the mountain. Alongside the Marathon there is the Ascent race, the only difference is that you don’t run back down, the finish line is at the summit of the mountain after running about 13 miles. Both of these races climb vertically 7,800 feet with an average grade of 11% however the view at the summit is worth the climb. 

Territory Days is a favorite local festival in Old Colorado City and is Colorado’s most popular street fair. You can enjoy amazing food, live music from 25 different bands, educational displays, vendors all along W Colorado Ave, and much more with free admissions. For the last 45 years, they have been open every Memorial Day weekend and invite you to join in with them. 

Colorado Springs festivals and events are the city’s way of bringing everyone together, whether you want to sit and enjoy entertainment or if you want to participate in something fun, there is an event for you. If you have any questions about these festivals and events you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer. To find out more about us and Colorado Springs, visit our Facebook

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